Who I Am

Photo by David Lynn Photography
Photo by David Lynn Photography

#MindBodySpiritMedicine 🙂

Hi there! My name is Pallas Dame. I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children, two furry animal children, Princess our kitty and Abbey our 12 year old Golden, 2 almost 26 year old cockateils and 7 fish! lol Yes, that’s a houseful but it wouldn’t be home without all of them!

My journey to becoming a health coach came about from my decade long journey of battling Lyme disease, undiagnosed, debilitating post-partum depression, the MTHFR gene mutation and severe hormonal imbalances. All of which combined, and undiagnosed until very recent years, created the perfect storm for me losing nearly a decade of my life to mental illness within an hour of the birth of my first child, back in 2007.

Because of my health journey which was so hard, and so long, I discovered an entirely new world of medicine based on practices thousands of years old to recent studies of quantum physics, all of which were based on holistic practices that involved the body, mind and spirit. I discovered that in order to heal, I had to meet myself where I was at, and surrender to things I had no understanding of at the time. I had to surrender to all of the things I felt held my life in their very hands, my team of healers, the universe, spirit and myself. It was at the moment of pure surrender to where I was at, that moment in time, that true healing of the trinity of who I am was able to begin.

I learned that the body truly can, heal itself, by itself, if only given half the chance.
I learned that healing is not linear and that sometimes we are required to go backwards, in order to gain the traction we require to jump far ahead and that our ‘diagnosis’ are not death sentences nor do they even mean that we have to live with that condition for the rest of our lives. I learned, and experienced, and actively practice, that our health and our futures, are truly in OUR hands. Our life script has not yet been written and we can change our trajectory at any moment in time. The past is just the past, a memory that isn’t even fully accurate, the future is only a day dream, and our present is our actual story that we actively write, every second, of every minute of every day with every breath we take.

I live my practice daily by practicing what I preach and that I coach and empower others to do as well. I am no longer sick, nor do I have mental illness on any level! I practice martial arts and am a year away from obtaining my first degree black belt. I can’t keep my nose out of books about alternative health and wellness and quantum physics because life is astoundingly beautiful, complicated and revealing, when you are just ‘browsing’. My journey back to health has given me gifts of a healer that would most likely not have otherwise been revealed to me. My clients would say that my core gift is my gift of keen intuition and insight into who they really are deep down inside, and helping them to shine a light on those things that are truly holding them back from living the life they truly deserve.