About Me

Pallas Dame Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Photo by David Lynn Photography
      • Pallas practices Clinical Integrative energy medicine with a foundation in Ancient Chinese Medicine theories and TCM, the spiritual root causes of dis-ease and imbalance within the BodyMind and holistic practices incorporating food and lifestyle. Pallas practices multi-dimensional healing with a focus on trauma and interference patterns held deeply within the human bio-fields and BodyMind.

        Pallas is a Founding partner and CEO of The Authority Establishment and Conscious Leadership Network, an Integrative Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in the holistic practices of Hormone Balancing, Gut health, Sugar Addiction and Blood Sugar balancing. She lives in Colorado where she is a wife and mother to two beautiful children as well as mom to her furry, feathered and scaled animal family. Her journey to becoming an Integrative Health Practitioner came about from more than 20 years of battling Lyme disease and the deep entanglement of spiritual roots of mental and emotional distress.. She is actively pursuing her practitioner certification in BodyTalk – Clinical Integrative Energy Medicine as well as Soul Detective certification – therapeutic tools for therapists and energy healers to help clients heal the origins of ‘invisible roots’ of their complex emotional wounds.

        Pallas works with individuals to create holistically balanced lives, optimal mental, emotional and physical health through Quantum Medicine, Spiritual and Integrative approaches to health and wellness. This means that she looks at how all areas of your life are connected, belief systems and trauma held within the BodyMind, and how all of this impacts your life as a whole. She teaches that by creating life balance and engaging in our own healing journey, we become advocates for ourselves. When we become full advocates for ourselves, our futures, are truly in our hands. Our life script has not yet been written and we can change our trajectory at any moment in time.

        Pallas teaches the body truly can heal itself, by itself, if only given half the chance and that healing is far from linear. Sometimes we are required to go backwards, in order to gain the traction we require to propel ourselves forward into our own Physical, Energetic and Spiritual transformations.

As your Practitioner, guide and mentor, we work together to establish your own voice of authority, individual autonomy, self-advocacy and language around your own personal experience and journey, to put the power back in YOUR hands.